Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We went on this tour............

of this haunted house and I have to say it didn't dissapoint me one bit! After I took over 400 pictures I found several that had these awesome orbs in them! Just so you know I took the same picture of each place in the house multiple times just to make sure that it wasnt dust on the camera lens! They are there in 1 picture but not there in the other 2 or 3 or 4 of the same spot.

Then to my surprise as I stood at the bottom of this staircase I was able to catch first 1 orb making its way up the stairs.

This is at the bottom of the stairs

This is halfway up the stairs and you can see that the orb is making its way up the stairs and also that the first orb is no longer in the original spot.

It is now sitting at the very top of the stairs and there are no longer any orbs on the other stairs at all in this picture

then I take another picture and this is when I see that there are now 3 orbs sitting on the steps of various sizes.

Then I went to the top of the stairs and caught this little orb sitting on the top step.

In this room in another picture I took there were no orbs ...then I took this picture and there were all of these!

When we went up to the attic I took several pictures in this same spot and nothing..then I looked at this picture!

Here we are in the middle of doing some table tipping and you will notice that I am holding my right arm straight...at this particular moment I felt like someone had zapped me with something electrical..upon looking at this picture afterwards I noticed a huge ball of white energy sitting right next to my right arm and mike and sue kept feeling like they were getting dizzy..if you notice there is a huge yellow orb way up above them and the little one right between the 2 of them.

here are a few more orbs.

These orbs were down in an area of the cellar that people have seen a figure they call "The Captain" In another photo I took right after there were no orbs.

This giant orb and the little one at the bottom of the screen was out by the grounding tree. This particular night there were absolutely no bugs out...it was freezing...everyone was shivering.

I have a bunch more to go through plus some evps I caught while we did an overnight in Apt 1!! I will add these later! I am hoping to be able to add the evps to this blog!!

Happy ghost hunting!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It seemed like just yesterday...

That diesel was small enough to hold.....

then he started to grow........

and grow.....

lol and before I knew it he grew into this......

Its been a while.....

but I promise I will be updating my blog more than once every 4 or 5 months lol

Monday, September 21, 2009

Meet Benjamin.....

He is the sweetest little guy

He loves to play fetch!

My grand daughter threw the ball all afternoon for this little guy and his best bud Dakota

This is how much he just loved chasing that tennis ball! LOL

At one point he jumped so high his head was out of the frame of my lens on my camera!! LOL

He just couldnt get enough of that tennis ball!

LOL I dont know if you can see it or not but if you look real close at the ball.....see those 2 lines hanging from it?? LOL he chased the ball so much yesterday that it was soaked with doggy drool LOL

Look at the drool lines from his mouth to that ball in the pic below!! LOL

And it always ended up like this.....lolol just patiently waiting with that tennis ball in his mouth for the next person to play fetch with.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Only 4 more weeks to go!

and this little bugger which we have named diesel, I think I spelled that right lol, will be coming home with us! omg he gets cuter by the week!

Last night

We came home to this scene........... it wasnt pretty. This minivan took out the entire light pole which you cant see in these pics and the one pic I did have of it was way to blurry to put on here. The person had to be life-flighted to the hospital.

best buds

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dont you just wanna cuddle up with him?

Well you know after the 2 last puppy fiascos we had decided that we were not going to get a dog, that we had had enough of crazy, deranged puppies lol but then we saw this little guy.....omg he is the most adorable chocolate lab pup! and well lets just say in about 6 1/2 weeks he will be coming home with us! The mama dog is such an awesome dog!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

psycho dog..the Norman Bates of the dog world!!! LOL

Meet Shade...a 6 mos old husky cross......beautiful dog...that is lol until you get to know the real psycho lurking inside that mind of his.......well you know the first puppy we got did not work out at all...it was trouble from the start lol so we decided that we would try to adopt an older dog from a shelter to give one a second chance.....man were we in for a major nightmare of a surprise...........

you see this innocent looking dog was a massive freak when it came to his crate and had severe food aggression and obsessions and if you think I am kidding here is what the crate looked like by tuesday morning.......................

This was an almost new crate when we put him in it.
I ended up blocking him in with a piece of plywood and jamming an empty cat litter container behind it and I thought for sure he wouldnt be able to move it and get back out after I fixed the front of the kennel as best as I could as I had to head to work and he can not be left alone in the house even for one minute...............think I am kidding?? take a look at some of the damage he caused before I shipped his butt back to the shelter and filled them in on just how dangerous his behavior was becoming.

All of the window sills in the livingroom and kitchen and laundry room have been chewed and now all need to be replaced.

He was only able to destroy half of one of the curtain panels before my other half walked into this disaster!

This is our livingroom window..minus the curtains and as you can see the completely damaged curtain rods and if you will notice that the screen that belongs in the far left window is sitting behind the wooden shelf thing because he removed it from the window and you cant really see it in this picture but he had tried to remove the 2nd screen as there is a big tooth hole in it

Here are the curtains that should be hanging in the living room window and that angel? well lets just say she had an unplained labotamy if you will notice in the picture below..he ate the top of her head and ripped off her star and halo
This chair used to be in very good condition that is until he was in the crate for the first time and slammed the crate so hard it slid across the rug and up against this chair and he then proceeded to pull the cushion into the crate and start to shred the end of it.

Needless to say this experience has curbed my desire to have a dog for quite awhile!